Brewery moves headquarters to RR

Bosque Brewing Company Director of Operations Jotham Michnovicz shows off a custom-made metal sign on the second floor of the company’s new Rio Rancho headquarters.

Bosque Brewing Company leaders announced at the beginning of June that they would move their headquarters from Albuquerque to Rio Rancho.

The final transition to the company’s new building at 7701 Innovation Way was expected to take place by the end of June, according to Bosque Brewing Company Director of Operations Jotham Michnovicz.

Bosque will use approximately 18,000 square feet of the nearly 24,000-square-foot facility for administrative space and to store much of the company’s merchandise, Michnovicz said.

“Our admin team is just so much bigger than we anticipated,” Michnovicz said. “We planned for this step three years ago and now it’s become so much bigger than it was back when we started that we ran out of office space.”

Part of the reason for the growth Michnovicz attributes to his company’s focus on crafting a quality product.

“That’s been our main focus to begin with, but that will only get you so far,” he said. “Here, it’s not only about the beer; it’s also about the experience our co-workers have.”

Michnovicz said not micromanaging people and giving them the benefit of the doubt has been a key factor to job growth.

“We really try to give people the ability to make their own decisions and guide them rather than telling them what to do,” he said.

He said 15 employees will be in the new building, with an estimated 30 to 40 more going to work at the brewery’s location at the old Jackalope store on US 550, when the facility is completed.

According to Michnovicz, there are already eight office spaces on the first floor of the Innovation Way building, with plenty of room for several open cubicles.

On the second floor are three bigger offices and plenty of open space to move and expand.

“We are also utilizing 8,000 square feet of the warehouse space because our warehouse needs are pretty large,” he said.

Merchandise and empty cans being prepared for production runs will take up the bulk of the warehouse space, he said.

“In the last three years, our organization has gone from 35 employees statewide to 115,” Michnovicz said. “The organization is growing by leaps and bounds, plus we have the Restoration Pizza that will be opening later this year. It just keeps getting bigger, so we anticipate having around 225 employees within another year.”