Business incubator opening its third location in RR

FatPipe Chief Operating Officer Lisa Adkins stands in front of the AMREP building, where the newest FatPipe location is being built. This business incubator is available to area entrepreneurs. 

The sound of construction and smell of fresh paint permeates the walls of a 6,000-square-foot office space on the first floor of the AMREP building, in preparation for new business.

FatPipe, a business incubator from Albuquerque, is in the process of setting up its third location in the City of Vision. The facility will have four available offices and a large conference room, and will facilitate networking opportunities as well as business workshops for locals who want to take their home business or idea to the next level.

Lisa Adkins, FatPipe chief operating officer, said she works with a diverse group of companies and people who all have a vision to grow and work together.

“When you get ‘creatives’ combined with technologists combined with non-profits, really great things start to happen,” Adkins said. “It’s amazing how well they work together and start helping each other rather than feeling like there’s competition.”

Adkins said she has 62 people on her tenant list at FatPipe’s Albuquerque location, which combines 40 companies.

“All of them are one-person companies; my biggest is seven,” she said. “I had a really cool energy company move in as one guy, who was going to be a consultant, and now he has seven people.”

According to Adkins, many of the small businesses that utilize FatPipe’s services have less isolation because of the camaraderie they share.

“Working at home can be very isolating,” Adkins said. “I worked at home running my consulting business for three years. My puppy was always on my lap, my laundry was done and Oprah was on in the background.”

Adkins said when she got back into the business network, she didn’t realize what she was missing out on.

“I then realized that even just a couple of days a week, spending your time in a shared space with like-minded people was beneficial,” she said.

Adkins said FatPipe’s new location in Rio Rancho will offer the same opportunities.

“We turned what used to be a gym into a giant conference room,” Adkins said. “We also see using this space as a training center. We would love to see people come in and provide training and workshops for people as well.”

Along with the office space, Adkins said there will be two huge televisions on the wall to create bigger meetings with other business and trainers from around the state.

The facility will have one private conference room with seating for 10, and a smaller “IT” room that FatPipe clients can use for small private meetings.

“One cool thing about what we are creating is, if you are a member of one, then you’re a member of all,” she said.

Right now FatPipe has three locations: in Albuquerque, Raton and Rio Rancho.

“If you have entrepreneurs that live in Rio Rancho and need a place to work, but need a professional meeting space in Albuquerque, all they have to do is trek out there,” Adkins said.

She expects FatPipe to be up and running this month.