I had three visions of summer this past spring semester: first, it was an adventurous escape from dorm room confinement; second, it was climbing the first rung on the ladder to being a boss-lady; third, it was reconstructing my bank account after all the fast food I consumed to avoid the caf…

Recently, Sandoval Economic Alliance was able to bring Mark Sweeney to the community, thanks to financial support from Don Chalmers Ford, Klinger Constructors, Presbyterian Rust Medical Center, Mike Skolnick and J.R. Allison.

The eastern Sandoval County ghost town of Hagan came into existence in 1902 when large deposits of coal were found near Una del Gato Arroyo.

Recently I attended my first meeting as a member of the Observer’s community advisory panel, which helps our local news weekly create fresh and relevant multi-media content in our digital world.

While the federal courts in New York found AMREP, the developer of Rio Rancho, guilty of misrepresentation and deception in sales tactics in March 1977, not everyone in Rio Rancho, or New York, thought everything about the case against AMREP was fair.

“Oh, once I was young and impulsive. I wore every conceivable pin. Went to all the civil rights rallies. Sang all the old union hymns. But now I’ve grown older and wiser. And that’s why I’m turning you in.” — Protest singer Phil Ochs, “Love Me, I’m a Liberal”

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