It seems Mr. Harry Gordon spent a mountain of ink making Mr. Stephan vanHorn’s point look like a mole hill

(Letters to the editor, Aug. 26 and Sept. 2 Observer editions).

If Mr. Gordon missed the point, how many others do not realize that $47 a month for no water is more than the average American family of four pays for 8,000 gallons of water?

Could it be the rate hikes of 38 percent over four years have people hopping? Boiling the frog is a fable, not wise policy.

The rate of rate increases causes people to notice things like $564 a year for nothing.

 People understand the system has been neglected. People see the waterlines are breaking.

But we wonder what is happening when it appears the money to correct the problems is diverted to other projects they do not see but perceive them to be unwise.

 Humans make mistakes. What happens if a mistake is injected into the aquifer? 

I really wish someone would answer the accusation that City Hall uses the water rates as a way to raise taxes without due process. That is a serious mountain, not a glorified mole hill.


Kevin Haney

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